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Difference between a Mortgage Lender and Mortgage Broker. Many home buyers and home owners do not know the difference between a broker and a lender. If you are buying a Queen Creek AZ home, it helps to know that difference. A Mortgage Lender or Company makes loans directly to Borrower typically with its own money or that of an investor. A Mortgage Broker acts as an intermediary between a Lender and the Borrower. Whereas a Lender or Lender Bank sells its own loan products, a Broker can solicit loan proposals on behalf of the borrower from multiple Lenders and Loan Companies.

A Mortgage Broker evaluates the borrower's financial situation and attempts to find the best loan package that best serves the Borrower's credit rating and desired terms and conditions. Mortgage Brokers generally charge a fee as a percentage of the home loan, but that can often be offset and improved by better interest rates and loan conditions for the borrower. Mortgage Home Loans can be new mortgage loans or refinancing of existing home loans. When buying a Queen Creek, Arizona home, consider soliciting loan package proposals directly from a lender and broker, and then compare the benefits of both proposals.

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  • A Marcus Mortgage
  • 19322 East Calle De Flores
  • Queen Creek AZ, 85142-9780
  • 480 899-4737
  • ABC Family & Commercial Mortgage
  • 18618 East Mary Ann Way
  • Queen Creek AZ, 85142-9458
  • 480 279-6300
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